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The Big Summer

This summer has been fast and furious so far. Although I enjoyed my time at the Berkshire Theatre Group last summer, I took on some individual design opportunities of my own and some large scale assisting this time around.

Without any time to waste, I went straight from Florida Rep to the Spoleto USA festival in Charleston SC. There I worked as an assistant to lighting designer Lea Xiao on a new opera, Paradise Interrupted. This was a very challenging, but gorgeous production to work on. The show does have a future life, and I hope to work on it again in a new incarnation.

More photos here

After a fast paced month in Charleston, I drove 1,000 miles to Timber Lake Playhouse in Mount Carroll in Western Illinois. Up first was Hairspray.

The Big Meal was an incredibly rewarding show, and a step in a new direction for Timber Lake, taking on more serious subject matter than is usual for this remote playhouse.

Coming up next is one more production at Timber Lake Playhouse: Peter Pan. I'm very excited to start tech soon, but ready for some time off after.

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