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Winter (is it really?) at Florida Rep.

Though the calendar may say December and January, it has been nothing like it here in Florida. The winter months have brought several interesting shows, including The Santaland Diaries by David Sedaris, and One Slight Hitch by Lewis Black. These shows were made much better (for me at least) by the retirement of Florida Rep's tried and true (but tired) ETC Express, replacing it with a brand spanking new ION. Now the "3" button works!

2014-12-17 20.18.09.jpg

Merry Christmas! it's an ION!

The next upcoming show will be an interesting challenge for me. Around the World in 80 Days requires a large amount of foley sound effects, meaning I will be handing off most of the lighting duties to our trustworthy and amazing stage manager (Janine Wochna). I will get some more experience in mixing sound for the theatre, which should be very ecucational.

2015-01-25 15.26.51-2.jpg

View of One Slight Hitch from BOH. Yes that is a plasma ball.

With the end of Florida Rep's season in sight, I am looking forward to the next adventure. Though I don't know for sure where I will be yet, I think it may take me back north of the Mason-Dixon line. Wherever it is, look for more design and assisting credits soon.

2014-12-22 15.59.15-1.jpg

The 75th anniversary of the incandescant light bulb inspired GE to build a 75,000 watt lightbulb. it is huge. Unfortunately they will not turn it on for you.

2014-12-22 17.48.54.jpg

I will miss the spectacular natural light displays that Florida has been so eager to share.

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