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Fall 2014

This summer and fall have been a time of change for me as I have moved from Ohio, to the Berkshires, to Southwestern Florida, all in the space of just a few months. In the Berkshires, I worked as an assistant designer for several mainstage shows, including A Little Night Music, Seussical, Cedars, and A Hatful of Rain.

2014-08-06 19.27.28-1.jpg

Seussical the Musical, from onstage at the Colonial Theater

2014-07-21 15.11.07.jpg

During Tech for Cedars at the Fitzpatrick Mainstage

My latest chapter in Fort Myers FL has been interesting so far, as I have been working in their smaller studio "Artstage" space, and will soon be opening the regional premiere of Tribes. While I have been keeping busy day to day programming and setting up Florida Repertory's shows, I have also been keeping busy with my own designs. My Alma Mater, the College of Wooster, asked me to come back and design the lighting for their production of Scapin. I was very excited to do this show, as I have not had the opportunity to work on a bright comedy of this nature. It was great to go back and work with some familiar faces as well. If you want to see more pictures, I have already added them to my website. Thanks to Sidney Martin for the pictures.

2014-10-17 13.19.25-2.jpg

The Marquee of the Historic Arcade Theatre, home of the Florida Repertory Theatre

2014-10-09 19.01.40.jpg

Being surrounded by the beauty of Florida is not a bad perk

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